Whether its new Commercial Construction, a Remodel or an Addition, Mallett Plumbing & Utility Company offers a full range of services in Plumbing and Utilities to meet the demands of your project.



With more than 50 years of service to Central Oklahoma, we are well acclimated to the challenges this environment presents for construction projects. We have a deep rooted history here that we are proud to continue.


Waste Plumbing Systems

Specializing in standard plumbing systems seen on commercial construction projects and staying on top of current trends within the industry.

  • Sanitary Waste & Vent Systems with Drain Systems
  • Storm Sewer Systems with Roof Drains
  • Grease Waste Systems with Interceptors
  • Acid Waste & Vent Systems with Dilution Tanks

Water Plumbing Systems

We love the challenge of designing and installing complex water delivery systems. Our office constantly pushes the field staff for perfection in the walls. Where people see finish walls, we see artistic installations of Copper Tubing behind.

  • Domestic Cold Water Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems
  • Domestic Tempered Water Systems

Plumbing Fixtures & Equipment

Through the years we have performed a large majority of our work in Commercial projects, but have enough experience with high end residential projects to handle the opportunity. Our Licensed Journeymen have the confidence and competence to handle your Pumps, Water Heaters and Boiler Installations.

  • Tanked & Tankless Water Heaters (Electric & Gas)
  • Boiler Installations
  • Commercial Plumbing Fixtures meeting ADA requirements
  • Residential Plumbing Fixtures in multi-family applications

Other Plumbing Systems

Fuel Gas, Compressed Air and Medical Gas systems are increasingly becoming more common with our experience, and we have the licensed professionals capable of handling all of these needs.

  • Polypropylene & Steel Natural Gas & Liquified Propane
  • Cleaned Copper Medical Gas Piping, Valves & Control Panels
  • Aluminum, Copper & Steel Compressed Air Systems


Licensed and Bonded throughout Central Oklahoma for Domestic Water, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Service Installations. We are also licensed to set water meters in most of the municipalities around Oklahoma City.


Domestic Water

Specializing in all things water, with the ability to bore or open cut services we can provide fire protection and potable water as needed

  • Water Meter Installation & Vault Construction
  • Water Main & Service Line Installation with Hydrostatic Testing
  • Fire Lines Installed to Municipal Approved Backflow Device
  • Yard Sprinkler Services

Sanitary Sewer

Getting rid of your unwanted waste is our specialty. Whether its chemical lab waste for a classroom, grease waste from a kitchen or just standard sanitary waste from building sewer systems our crews take the time to assess requirements prior to installation to insure the systems are installed properly.

  • Oil, Sand, Solids, and Grease Interceptors
  • Lab Waste with Dilution Tanks
  • Lift Stations with Force Main Services



Storm Sewer & Reclamation

Whether its HDPE or Concrete Pipe, our crews have experience with simple culvert installs to complex Storm Water gathering systems. Having completed many commercial car wash projects over the years we can help design and install water reclamation systems necessary for your project.

  • Reclaim Tanks with Pretreatment
  • Storm Culverts
  • Storm Collection Systems